Bryant McGill interviewed by the Health Ranger: How to live a positive life in a negative world

Saturday, June 23, 2018 by

Bryant McGill has brought inspiration to tens of millions of people. Through his online media hub (McGill Media), Bryant publishes inspiring articles, reminders and how-to guides for happier living.

Focused on purely positive information, Bryant McGill believes in human dignity, the freedom to explore and the right to pursue happiness (among other things). I consider him an expert on “how to live a positive life in a negative world.” Although we have different approaches, because we share so much in common when it comes to working toward a freer, more abundant world, I invited Bryant McGill for a studio interview to learn more about his philosophies on life.

Watch the full interview below. We’ve invited Bryant to launch a video channel with us on, the upcoming video community alternative to YouTube. (It launches in July.) Hopefully we’ll see his channel there soon, and you are welcomed to launch a video channel with us as well.

Watch the full interview here:



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